StreamS Live Encoder

AAC / HE-AACv1 / HE-AACv2 / xHE-AAC Live Streaming Encoder for Professional Applications

StreamS Live Encoder

HLS/MPEG-DASH Streaming Encoder
Stream the “Write” Way

Live streaming without a streaming server. Write to a web server or cloud storage.
A new approach to live/file streaming.
This changes everything.

Control streaming audio costs using HE-AAC with NO Flash, NO MP3, and NO RTMP!

Allows your audience to listen up to 4 times longer compared to MP3 streaming!

Internet streaming audio is now a viable means of delivering quality content to a mass audience. This IS the new era of radio. Internet streaming is no longer a hobby or a toy. Hundreds of millions of desktop computers, smartphones, automotive dashboards, and other player devices allow easy access and can reach your audience with quality that can exceed traditional terrestrial and satellite radio. This is provided the right streaming encoders are used.

Not all streaming audio encoders are created equal. They all have different audio encoding implementations and various feature sets. Some CDNs provide encoders. Most are inferior, as their main objective is to just make “noise” and sell bandwidth. Many broadcasters, netcasters, IT professionals, and even software developers are not aware of all the necessary details to produce quality audio on computer platforms, even though it may be their primary business. Now is not the time for amateur poorly implemented encoders. Broadcast quality standards should now be applied to streaming audio to achieve professional results. StreamS Encoders take all the guess work out of this for you. All of the details are taken care of.

StreamS offers several different streaming audio encoder applications and systems to meet different professional streaming requirements. Simple streaming encoders do not have the features professional streaming demands to achieve high audio quality, digital audio clock and timestamps, metadata accuracy, content protection, security, reliability and redundancy. Metadata accuracy is important not only for a good visual experience, but for content insertion cue points and content royalty reporting, which is a serious problem. Since StreamS Encoders are Microsoft Windows based, they are compatible with any Windows Audio Application, and the systems are able to run extra content provider specific applications on the same computer, saving additional hardware cost. Other closed encoder systems do not allow this. StreamS Encoder software is also qualified for virtual host operation.

Using new streaming formats such as HLS and AAC, it now possible to reach all modern browsers and platforms without requiring Flash, RTMP, or expensive, deprecated MP3 streams. HE-AAC (aka aacPlus) allows your audience to listen longer at less expense to both the content provider and the listener. MP3 is only useful to reach the very small number of old remaining streaming devices that don’t support AAC. It is no longer economically feasible to support MP3 streaming to these few devices, as it is an added expense to reach a very low percentage of the total audience. However, for those who insist on MP3 for whatever reason, StreamS offers MP3 encoder options.

Using StreamS HLSdirect™, dedicated specialized streaming servers are no longer required. Instead, standard web servers or cloud storage can be used to deliver live and file streaming content with lower cost, higher reliability, and easier deployment and maintainability. High fidelity wideband floating-point audio encoder engines provide the highest coded audio quality. Synchronous frame-accurate metadata, which does not reply on server performance, provides on-time delivery of content information, such as artist and title, and other user definable metadata. It also allows accurate cue points and triggers for content insertion such as advertising, achieving professional results and eliminating embarrassing off-times and resulting miss-cues resulting in a very unprofessional audience presentation, commonly heard on other systems.

StreamS Encoders continue to lead with the best audio encoding technology available. Using Orban Optimod-PCn with StreamS Encoders produces audio streams that attract and hold audiences to listen longer, and keep them coming back for more. StreamS Encoders are currently in use at some of the largest content providers. Targeted towards demanding professional applications, “There are no better audio streams than those produced with StreamS.”.

Version Comparison
Live Encoder HTTP
SHOUTcast 2    
Icecast 2    
Windows Service    
Profile Builder    
SNMP v2 Support    
Content Encryption      
Apple Compliant      
Surround 5.1    
Streaming Server Web Web Media Media
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